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Metal Ceiling Systems

Forman Building Systems offers a range of metal ceiling solutions, covering perforated acoustic ceiling systems, decorative metal baffle systems, and metal linear systems.

Armstrong MetalWorks Lay-In Perforated Tiles

Armstrong MetalWorks Lay-In tiles offer a cost effective solution to instroduce perforated metal cei...

Armstrong MetalWorks Vector Perforated Tiles

MetalWorks Vector perforated tiles offer a smart semi-concealed look by utilising a standard 24mm ex...

Armstrong MetalWorks F-Plank

Armstrong MetalWorks F-Plank offer a linear visual solution for ceilings and the ability to create s...

Armstrong MetalWorks One Way Hook On Perforated Tiles

Armstrong MetalWorks One Way Hook On Perforated Tiles eliminates cross tees to create a linear ceili...

Armstrong MetalWorks Clip In Perforated Tiles

Armstrong MetalWorks Clip In tiles, offer a fully concealed ceiling solution that gives a monolithic...

Armstrong MetalWorks RH-215 Concealed Hook-On System

The new MetalWorks RH-215 Hook-On system takes the concept of the traditional Hook-On exposed ceilin...

Armstrong MetalWorks Mesh Ceilings

Armstrong MetalWorks Mesh offer a contemporary solution to create industrial "exposed" int...

Armstrong MetalWorks VP-500 Perforated Acoustic Baffles

Armstrong MetalWorks VP-500 acoustic baffle offer a linear visual solution to an array of interior s...

Armstrong MetalWorks Open Cell Ceilings

Armstrong MetalWorks Open Cell Ceiling offer a visually striking open space look to an interior ceil...

Armstrong MetalWorks Aluminium Baffles

An attractive linear ceiling, Armstrong Metalworks Baffle provides a light weight aluminium screen t...

Armstrong MetalWorks Perforated Baffles

Armstrong MetalWorks Perforated Baffles offer a fully bespoke acoustic solution to any interior spac...

Armstrong MetalWorks Suspension Systems

Blue Tongue Aluminium Grid from Armstrong is available in two way exposed, modular and one way acces...

Armstrong Metalworks

Armstrong MetalWorks Metal Ceilings are made to order in a large range of sizes, perforation options...

ACS Coruline Mini Corrugated Linear Ceiling

Coruline is a mini-corrugated linear strip metal ceiling or wall lining which can be directly fixed ...

ACS Deckform Security Ceiling

Deckform Security System has been successfully installed in prisons and secure rooms such as police ...

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