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Armstrong Rx Seismic Solutions

Last Updated: 27 June 2014

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Armstrong has developed the proprietary RX system to allow for suspended ceilings to move and dissipate seismic forces. This system minimises potential damage to the interior components in the event of buildings moving. Armstrong has engaged KCL Engineering Services to design a seismic guide able to determine various bracing solutions in accordance with NZS1170 Part5 and AS/NZS 2785 2000.

An excel version of our newly launched Seismic Design Guide for New Zealand is available, which assists to determine the most appropriate bracing solutions for a particular ceiling such as:

  1. Perimeter fixing options when seismic forces on the grid do not exceed the grid capacity and the perimeter walls are designed to take these loads
  2. Perimeter fixing options with the introduction of a "seismic break" to separate large ceiling areas ensuring the seismic forces do not exceed the grid capacity
  3. Bracing to the structure above using steel stud members and hanger wire. (This option is designed to be used when the forces on the grid exceed the grid capacity and/or the perimeter walls are not designed to take the line loads)

Input data required includes:

  • Average Floor to floor height
  • Location of Building
  • Ceiling Panel Weight
  • Suspension Grid Weight
  • Other Services Weights
  • Grid module sizes, and lengths of the main tees and cross tees (from wall to wall or from wall to seismic joint)

The compression and tension results for Armstrong Peakform, Suprafine and Silhouette main tee and cross tee grids have been tested for:

  • No connection to perimeter walls (where walls are unable to sustain line loads, or for island / cloud ceilings)
  • Connection to adjacent perimeter walls

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