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Firemaster Marine Plus Blanket

Last Updated: 9 September 2014

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Manufactured from FireMaster™ Plus fibre, FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket is a highly insulating blanket especially developed for fire protection applications that are very space or weight sensitive. Using an advanced fibre production technology developed by Morgan Thermal Ceramics, insulation performance of the blanket is optimised. Compared to standard FireMaster™ blanket, systems using FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket require either less thickness or lower density specifications to meet the same fire ratings, resulting in typical savings of 20% to 30% in applied weight.
The advanced production technology used in the manufacture of FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket ensures that even low density blankets have high handling strength, allowing easy and convenient installation. No binder is used during manufacture therefore no smoke will be emitted in a fire. FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket is non-combustible, very flexible, easily cut and simple to install.
Manufactured exclusively from Morgan Thermal Ceramics Superwool® Plus low biospersistence fibres, FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket is exonerated from carcinogen classification under Nota Q of the European Union Directive 97/69/EC.
FireMaster™ Marine Plus Blanket has been comprehensively tested and approved for the fire protection of steel, aluminium and composite structures used in the marine industry and offers substantial weight savings over traditionally-used fibre insulation systems. It is also suitable for use where high insulation performance in fires is required in the offshore, petrochemical and construction industries.
A wide range of thickness and densities are available and the blanket can be supplied with aluminium foil or glass cloth facings on request

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