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Xenergy high performance C02 blown extruded polystyrene (XPS)

Last Updated: 6 November 2015

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XENERGY™ has been formulated with the addition of infra-red ‘blockers’ or particles which are finely dispersed and incorporated into the extruded cell walls. The particles scatter and reflect heat radiation resulting in reduced heat transfer during winter to keep a building warm, as well as in summer to keep it cool.

XENERGY™ SL offers declared thermal conductivity of 0.032 W/m.K in thicknesses of 130mm, 140mm, 180mm and 200mm compared to 0.036 W/m.K in the same thicknesses of ROOFMATE™ SL-A, resulting in an 11% improvement in insulation performance.

In addition to its function as a thermal insulation, XENERGY™ SL has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than five. The process of extruding foamed polystyrene results in a material with uniformly small, closed cells, a smooth ‘skin’ and an unrivalled set of properties which make it the choice of specifiers in a wide range of demanding insulation applications.

Key features include:

Low thermal conductivity - minimising the board thickness needed to achieve a specific U-value, thus allowing the Designer greater flexibility

High compressive strength - in load-bearing applications, the closed cell structure gives the foam greater rigidity and makes it highly resistant to compression

Low water absorption - XENERGY™ SL has natural resistance to rain, snow, frost and water vapour which makes it an exceptionally stable material, which retains its initial insulation performance and physical integrity in exposed conditions over the very long term. It was this unusual property that made the inverted warm flat roof concept possible, an idea pioneered by Dow

User-friendliness - XENERGY™ SL is easily worked with normal hand tools

Hygiene - XENERGY™ SL boards have low susceptibility to rot, meaning mould or fungal growth is minimised.

They are clean, odourless and free from irritating dust.

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