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Autex Ductwrap and Ductliner

Last Updated: 27 August 2015

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GreenStuf® ADW insulation is a lightweight, flexible, acoustic/thermal insulation material, manufactured from thermally bonded polyester with a fire compliante-foil laminate facing on one side.ADW is used for external wrapping of air conditioning sheetmetal ductwork. It provides noise absorption and thermal insulation for the ducting. ADW also acts as a moisture barrier preventing condensation on cold airsystems that could otherwise lead to corrosion and staining of ceilings if not insulated.

GreenStuf® Rigid Duct Liner (ARD) consists of highdensity polyester insulation material bonded to a highly durable black fabric or e-Foil perforated facing. ARD has been designed as a thermal and acoustic lining for all types of air conditioning systems, including rectangular ducting, oval and round sheet-metal ducting and silencers. Its high durability rating means it can be used for both low and high air-flow volumes, rated to velocities of up to 50m/second, with no additional protection. The tough black facing also helps protect the liner on-site prior to installation.

NZBC Compliance: GreenStuf® ARD and ADW products meet the relevant clauses of NZBC C3.4(a) Prevention of Fire, F2 Hazardous Building Materials, and may contribute to meeting H1 Energy Effeciency, and G6 Acoustic Design requirements. Non Flammable: GreenStuf® is classified non flammable. Fire ratings: GreenStuf® ARD and ADW products are fully compliant with NZBC fire requirements as detailed in NZBC Verification Method C/VM2.

GreenStuf® ARD Black Face ISO 9705: 1993 Classification: Group 1-S Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s As required by NZBC C/VM2

GreenStuf® ARD e-Foil Perforated Face ISO 9705: 1993 Classification: Group 1-S Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s As required by NZBC C/VM2

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