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Ductliner (Unfaced), Siliner (Mat Faced), Ductiner (Perforated Foil Faced)

Last Updated: 1 April 2014

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Ductliner is manufactured from glass wool bonded together with a thermosetting resin to form an amber or pink coloured, lightweight, semi-rigid board.

Siliner is manufactured from Ductliner which has adhered to one side a black, non woven glass scrim. Siliner is used for internal insulation to sheet metal ductwork, air conditioning cabinets and plenums to provide excellent acoustic absorption and thermal insulation eliminating the need for external insulation.

The semi-rigid boards add stiffness to the sheet metal ductwork, reducing drumming and transmission of noise. Boards are available in two thicknesses - 25 and 50mm. The NRC values are .70 (25mm) and .95 (50mm).

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