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Building Insulation Blanket (B.I.B Plain) and (B.I.B Foil Faced)

Last Updated: 18 October 2013

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Glass Wool Building Insulation Blanket (B.I.B) from the makers of Pink®Batts®, consist of long, fine fibres bonded together with a thermosetting resin to form a lightweight, flexible glass wool blanket insulation. The blankets are available in three thicknesses - 50mm, 75mm and 95mm and can be supplied with a factory applied foil vapour barrier (Foil Faced Building Insulation Blanket).

BIB is designed for use under any roof system supported on purlins with either metal or fibrous claddings, to provide thermal control within the building. B.I.B has excellent thermal insulation properties with 'R' values of 1.3 (50mm), 1.8 (75mm), 2.0 (95mm) and Early Fire Hazard Indices of Tested under AS1530 Part 3, 1989.

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