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Vacuum Insulated Panel

Last Updated: 8 July 2014

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NanoPore™ Ultra Vacuum Insulated Panel for very high performance thermal insulation

NanoPore™ ultra thermal insulation is a nanoporous solid with both low density and small pores.

The composition is amorphous silica and carbon in a three dimensional, highly branched network of primary particles (2-20 nanometers) which aggregate into larger particles. It has 30 to 100 nm pore sizes which are >100 times smaller than conventional insulation. It is this nano-scale porosity that gives NanoPore its excellent thermal performance. Gas molecules within the insulation experience the “Knudsen effect” which virtually eliminates gas energy exchange as gas molecules have a higher probability of colliding with the pore walls than other gas molecules. Solid phase conduction is low due to the low density and NanoPore’s proprietary infra-red opacifier greatly reduces radiation.

Thermal conductivity and R value per mm is inversely related. The total resistance to heat transfer is the product of the R value per mm and the thickness. For example, a 25mm thickness of NanoPore™HP vacuum panel provides the same insulation value as over 305mm of fiberglass or 200mm of polystyrene foam.

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