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Whisper Sound Absorbing Polyethylene Foam

Last Updated: 3 March 2015

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Acoustic sound absorbing panels are useful to control problems with noise and other unwanted sound in all types of indoor and outdoor environments; they can make music sound better, allow people to speak and be heard better and they also provide a safer work environment.

Under external conditions where exposure to water, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorinated air, and harsh chemicals are potential issues, your choice of acoustic solutions are few.

Lofted products lose significant performance when wet. Woodwool/cement products can weigh up to 40kg/m2, making them difficult to suspend.

Whisper is manufactured to perform in the most rigorous indoor, outdoor and industrial environments and is a lightweight and durable alternative.

Whisper is closed cell laminated cell polyethylene foam which has cells that are subsequently opened through the manufacturing process, resulting in a highly efficient sound absorbent material with many unique features.

50mm Whisper has Class A alpha w rating of 1.00 and is washable, long lasting solution, suitable for broad range of areas and applications.

Whisper is available in black as a 2400 x 1000 x 50mm thickness UV stabilized panel for outdoor applications and in white as a 2400 x 1000 x 25mm and 50mm thickness’ panels Fire Retardant version.

Whipser FR has been tested and complies with Section C AS1-6 of the NZBC achieveing thebest possiblle rating of Group 1S

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