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Foamglas Insulation

Last Updated: 1 April 2014

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FOAMGLAS® insulation is a light weight, rigid material composed of completely sealed glass cells; each cell is an insulating entity.

FOAMGLAS® provides constant insulating efficiency, moisture resistance, fire protection, corrosion resistance, long-term dimensional stability, physical strength and is vermin resistant.

The result is an insulation material which provides high performance throughout the lifetime of the process, through to its eventual disposal as an inert material or its re-use. FOAMGLAS® is totally free from HCFC, HFA and pentane.

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FOAMGLAS® is ideal for hydrocarbon and chemical processing systems, medium and high temperature pipes and equipment, freezer and cooler buildings, above and below ground steam and chilled water piping, tapered and flat roofs, ceilings and floors, exterior and interior walls.

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Ecologically FOAMGLAS® cellular glass meets the most stringent demands for an environmentally sound material. In manufacturing, 66% post-consumer waste glass is utilised, combined with a manufacturing process which minimises energy use.

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