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Kingspan Kooltherm

Last Updated: 13 October 2014

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Kingspan Kooltherm products have the potential to offer significant advantage to both specifiers and installers. Supplied in 1200mm wide sheets and available in a range of thicknesses and finishes, these phenolic core insulation sheet have the lowest thermal transmittance of any commercially available insulant; twice the R value for thickness of glass wool and expanded polystyrene, and 50% higher than extruded polystyrene, also with vastly superior fire performance.

Kooltherm is highly resistant to water vapour (with over 96% closed cells) and moisture absorption of less than 2% so can be installed in almost any weather. Further, with a surface compressive strength of 175kPa, it is highly resistant to impact damage during installation and also in use.

Kingspan Kooltherm is the best choice for any Greenstar rated building; it is BRE certified in the UK and Europe as well as being EnviroSpec certified here in New Zealand. Kooltherm K10 contains no CFC’s, HCFC’s or ozone depleting chemicals, and provides higher R values than any other commercially available material of the same thickness, reducing the on-going energy/running costs of the building.

See also Kingpsan KoolDuct for a high performance and lightweight pre-insulated ducting system.

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