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MM Systems for seismic and movement joints

MM Systems movement and seismic joint systems


Established in 1960, MM Systems Corporation is one of the USA’s most trusted and respected names in the architectural construction products industry.


Expansion Joints / Parking & Stadiums (EJP) High performance joint sealing systems designed to meet the rigorous demands of parking structures, stadiums and other open-air structures. Engineered options include systems that are waterproof, fire-rated, ADA compliant, and capable of thermal, shear and seismic movement.

Fire Rated Expansion Joints (FB) Fire barrier systems engineered and tested to current standards and code requirements. Ratings include 2,3 and 4-hour endurance. Seismic fire barriers accommodate multi-directional movement including longitudinal shear. Vertical and horizontal systems include chase and plenum designs. Factory approved transitions insure continuity of rating throughout the structure. 

Expansion Joints / Architectural (EJA) Aesthetics, innovation and durability are the hallmark of MM's line of floor, wall, ceiling and roof joint cover systems. Engineered systems include features that are ADA compliant, fire-rated, no-bump and heavy-load designs capable of thermal, seismic and wind-sway movement.

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