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Passive Fire Protection

The successful specification of Passive Fire Protection products requires a depth of knowledge and understanding of the behaviour of fire in buildings and other structures that few possess. With our many years of experience in this sector and our access to some of the world’s most established and respected suppliers Forman Building Systems should be your first stop for any Passive Fire Protection questions.

We represent market leading companies such as Promat, Thermal Ceramics and TBA Textiles (UK). The range of solutions available has enabled us to provide solutions for projects as varied as major arterial road tunnels, multi-storey buildings, oil and gas plants and power stations.

Forman Building Systems are your one-stop-shop for broad range of industry leading passive fire protection solutions and we would be happy to advise on the best fit for your requirements.

Ceilings, Plenums, Walls and Floors

Fire rated board and blanket systems for pentrations and voids For over 25 years we have provided...

Ducting and Enclosures

Fire rated systems for the protection of clean air and grease or kitchen extract ducts and other enc...


An exclusive range of Promat solutions for pentrations through fire rated floors, walls and ceilings...

Structural Steel

A range of non combustible and insulating board systems and spray applied coatings for the prot...


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