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Quietstone Acoustic Panels

Last Updated: 19 March 2014

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NOTE: This Product is currently available on INDENT ONLY.

Quietstone is a rigid lightweight acoustic absorber manufactured from up cycled glass (that would otherwise go to landfill). It is expanded glass beads, bonded together.

The resultant product is a porous panel with sound absorption like a fibrous material, but with the added benefits of being self bearing, chemically resistive, easy to cut, non fibrous, inert and sustainable.

It is suitable for use in interior and exterior applications as it is unaffected by water or frosts, and is also available in a version rated to over 1100°C.

Quietstone was recently installed in the refurbished National Library in Wellington and has been used extensively overseas as wall mounted absorbers for tunnels and trains stations, it is also an excellent solution to solving difficult acoustical issues in applications such as auditoriums and classrooms.

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