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Rondo Steel Stud Drywall Framing Systems

Rondo Steel stud framing systems comprehensive design manuals enable you to design lightweight steel frame system in accordance with NZBC New Zealand Building Code .

The Rondo range encompasses systems which include C stud and track , Quietstud , Shaftwall , continuous nogging brackets , nogging tracks ,flexible deflection head and floor tracks ,  deflection head tracks , seismic movement joints .

Rondo use Z275 coated steel to prevent corrosion during storage and installation.


Rondo Steel Stud Framing Systems

The Rondo Steel Stud and Track sections provide designers with the scope to design framing systems w...

Rondo Quiet Stud

With Rondo® Quiet Stud® systems, acoustic rated walls that perform dependably on site are mu...

Rondo Shaftwall

  Rondo Shaftwall GIB® Rondo Shaftwall Framing comprising CH stud, E stud and J-Track...

Rondo Exangle Building Board and Render Finishings

Rondo Exangle Building Board and Render Finishing Sections are designed to give the finishing cement...

Rondo Continuous Nogging Bracket

The Rondo 501 Continuous Nogging Bracket offers a flexible on site solution when installing heavy du...

Rondo Flexible Track

Rondo, the leading manufacturer of metal framing systems, has developed a metal track section with e...

Rondo MAXIframe System

Rondo’s new MAXIframe® System has been expertly engineered to provide the builder with mor...


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