Eurocoustic Acoustichoc

  • Up to 73% light reflectivity
  • 100% humidity resistant
  • A1 fire reaction for coloured tiles, A2s1d0 for white
  • Thermal insulation of R = 1.43 m2 K/W (50mm tile)
  • Tested to EN 13964 - Annex D (ball test) up to a level of 2A
  • ISO 5660-1 Group 1S classification
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Eurocoustic' Acoustichoc ® is a high density ceiling panel manufactured from stone wool faced with a white or coloured glass fibre tissue reinforced with a glass grid.
The reverse is lined with a natural glass fibre tissue.
The panels, with their specially developed facings, are ideal for sports or industrial environments providing high resistance to impact from balls.
The panels utilise a new and improved proprietary retaining clip system.
Acoustichoc is now available as a 25mm thick tile, complementing the popular 40mm option and 50mm 1500 x 1000 module tile.
Acoustichoc is humidity resistant to RH100.
GreenGuard tested for low VOC and formaldehyde emissions.
ISO 5660-1 Group 1S classification (in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A).
BRANZ Fire Assessment Report FAR 4065 June 2013.

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