ACS Linear 5

  • Linear 5 offers the crisp, clean, sharp lines for that classical look
  • Three different perforating styles available
  • NRC up to 0.85
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Linear 5 is a linear look metal ceiling system which offer crisp, clean lines.
Panels are easily attached to a range of direct fixed or suspended carrrier rails.
Linear 5 offers a classical 100mm wide linear look suited for a range of applications.
A choice of perforation styles (band, bridge, full perforation or no perforation) are available.
A selection of finishes dependent on the base metal are also available:
- Zincalume - Colorbond, Clear Lacquer or Baked Enamel
- Aluminium - Baked Enamel, Colorbond or Anodised

ISO 5660-1 Group 1S classification (in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A).

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