Victoria Park Tunnel Project

The Alliance responsible for building Auckland’s new Victoria Park Tunnel turned to Forman Insulation Ltd, in partnership with Grace Construction Products, Forman Commercial Interiors and Forman Building Systems, to deliver a fire protection coating that would prevent destruction of the tunnel in the event of a major hydrocarbon fire.

Forman Commercial Interiors and Forman Insulation Auckland branches combined to successfully complete the Monokote Z146 fire protection to the roof and the passive fire protection to the wall joints in the Victoria Park Tunnel Project that was completed at the end of 2011. Forman Building Systems were also involved in the early stages to secure specification and supply the proven and tested materials required for this important element of Auckland’s road network.

Forman Commercial Interiors installed the wire mesh support for the Monokote and installed the passive fire protection to the wall joints while Forman Insulation sprayed 7000m2 of Monokote fire protection. The chosen product, a cement-spray called Monokote 146-T, has been proven to withstand temperatures of at least 1350°C, and will prevent the concrete structure from exploding and failing should a fire occur.

With the tunnel measuring 450m long and 15m wide, the team used 100,000 fastenings and about 10,000m2 of wire mesh to support the 10,000 bags of Monokote 146-T required. This project was enjoyed by Forman Commercial Interiors and Forman Insulation as the scale and complexity really tested their abilities and lifted their skills and performance to another level.