Armacell FRV Armaflex

  • Closed cell insulation
  • Complies with NZBC requirements; Group 2
  • Effective reduction of energy loss
  • High resistance to water vapour
  • Zero ODP insulation
  • Thermal conductivity λ23˚C ≤ 0.036 W/(m · K)
  • Free of fibres, CFC and HCFCs
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FRV Armaflex is a highly-flexible lightweight closed-cell insulation material made from nitrile rubber (manufactured according to EN 14304Z) with high water-vapour diffusion resistance (meaning no additional vapour barrier is required) and low thermal conductivity. It is Zero ODP, free of ozone-depleting gases in manufacture & composition and is suited for use as insulation for heated and cold water services, heating systems, chilled water lines, refrigerant pipes and process pipelines.

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