Pyrotek Acoustop

  • Reduces noise levels to plant and machinery operators
  • High performance noise insulation with good low and medium frequency transmission loss
  • Noise barrier maximises the reduction of noise transmission; absorbs reflected noise energy, reducing transmitted noise
  • Ideal for localised noise control
  • Provides noise reduction for mechanical services in residential areas
  • Easy installation in tight corners and complex fit-outs
  • Easy sealing of joins and edges prevents deterioration
  • Robust surface finish ensuring protection from damage
  • Moisture proof, dust proof and chemical resistant
  • No specialist tools or equipment required for installation
  • Pre-Spray adhesive already applied to product
  • Easily fitted with standard adhesives and tapes
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Acoustop MultiGrade products are composite materials providing sound transmission loss and noise energy absorption through the multi-layer construction. Acoustop MultiGrade has been designed to be used primarily in machinery enclosures or other enclosed spaces. Acoustop MultiGrade is engineered to give a high degree of flexibility, making it easy to install.

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