Retrofitting made easy with Kingspan’s Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard

Retrofitting made easy with Kingspan’s Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard

Adrian Pearson, Area Sales Manager joined Kingspan Insulation eighteen months ago with the task of educating the industry about the benefits of taking a modern environmental approach to insulation.

Adrian says products such as Kooltherm K17 are unique to the market and move away from traditional strap and lining applications which require a lot of materials and labour. “It’s not only more economical, but quicker, easier, less messy and doesn’t require a building consent when covering existing linings,” he says.

Joel Savill, National Specification Manager at Forman has recently seen impressive results using the product retrofitted to a Lockwood home. “The homeowner wanted to transform their traditional timber walls and ceiling to a clean more modern finish, and Kooltherm K17 was the ideal solution for this,” he says. “It is especially effective for exposed beams on ceilings where there generally isn’t a lot of space and allows for a lot of flexibility without having to get council consent – it’s a much easier way to go about it.” 

Traditional methods of retrofitting insulation can be time consuming and costly. The Kooltherm K17 is adhesive bonding and fits directly to the wall with one or two mechanical fixings per board to hold it in place. You simply fit, plaster and paint. It can also be applied directly to concrete slabs in commercial projects.

It also allows you to increase your home’s R-value (thermal resistance) at a fraction of the space of traditional insulation. “To achieve a household wall rating of R-2.2 using Pink Batts you’re looking at around 90mm of insulation. With this product you only need 40mm of product and 10mm of plaster to achieve the same rating, it’s not only saving you on cost but reducing the footprint of the home,” says Joel.

With energy conservation at its heart Kingspan Group has pledged to become a net zero energy company by 2020 and prides itself of creating innovative products which are not only state of the art but sustainable. Already at 62% net zero across 100 or more facilities worldwide they are the largest environmental company in the world.


Key features of Kooltherm K17

A super high performance, fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic insulation core, sandwiched between a front facing of tapered edge plasterboard, and a reverse tissue based facing autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

  • CodeMark certified
  • 3-in-1 insulation, dry-lining and vapour control
  • Available in a range of other selected lining materials
  • Fibre Free – non-allergenic

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