Designed in New Zealand, manufactured in New Zealand and tested in New Zealand. Kiwi spaces have a unique aesthetic with open rooms that meld with the outdoors embracing the natural environment.

  • GIB Quietline® plasterboard is manufactured using 13mm GIB Ultraline®, which includes a fibre reinforced core and high quality Pearlcoat™ coated paper surface.
  • Each sheet is perforated producing unique patterns, before having the acoustic GIB® QuietFabric™ laminated on the back.
  • GIB Quietline® is jointed and painted in a similar manner to other GIB® plasterboards.
Panel Range
  • 15501 - GIB QUIETLINE® Circle 8mm Ø 8 Panel - 10% Perforation.
  • 15397 - GIB QUIETLINE® Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel - 10% Perforation.
  • 15502 - GIB QUIETLINE® Circle 15mm Ø 8 Panel - 20% Perforation.
  • 15503 - GIB QUIETLINE® Random 1 Panel - 15% Perforation.