Promat Promaseal Pillow

  • Manufactured from treated cloth with a high density granulated fire seal mineral wool filling
  • When exposed to fire pillow will remain in place and char; maintaining the barrier
  • Simple and economical to install and offering a solution for hard to access penetrations 
  • Require 100 to 130 pillows per m2 of opening
  • Tested up to 180 minutes FRR with various penetration seals in concrete/masonry walls and floors and lightweight partitions
  • Pillows allow flexibility for the adding and/or removal of cables, etc. at a later date, and can be resealed
  • Can be sealed in place with Promaseal AN Sealant
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Promaseal® Fire Pillows can provide permanent protection from the spread of fire, but they are particularly useful when only temporary protection is required. Promaseal® Fire Pillows have been successfully fire tested up to 120 minutes.
Promaseal® Pillows are manufactured from treated cloth filled with a high density, granulated fire seal mineral wool. When exposed to fire, the pillows remain in place and char, thus forming a fire barrier of a solid mass of insulating material.
Promaseal® Pillows are used in special occasions where other fire barrier solutions cannot be used. Between 100 and 130 numbers are usually required per m² of an open area; however, the pillows can be easily placed in many openings where it would be difficult to apply other products or wet systems.
In the case of smaller penetrations, it is often more economical to use the pillows, especially if labour costs are a concern, because the required fire performance can be achieved with the application of just a few pilllows

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