Promat Durasteel

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Requires no foundations
  • Space saving
  • Engineered for fast track construction
  • Flexible installation
  • Up to 360 minutes fire protection
  • Employs only dry trade installation methods
  • Relocatable and suitable for retrofit installation
  • Proven 40 year design life
  • Non-combustible with zero flame spread
  • Loadbearing and non loadbearing constructions
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Durasteel is a composite panel of fibre reinforced cement mechanically bonded to punched steel sheets on both surfaces. It is classified as non-combustible in accordance with international standards and is highly resistant to moisture even when saturated. It will not absorb combustible fluids and its fire resistant quantities are exceptional. Durasteel is highly impact and blast resistant, which enables it to withstand prolonged exposure to cellulosic, hydrocarbon or jet fires. It can also withstand hose-stream actions and because of its very low moisture absorption, it can be used externally.  Durasteel is not susceptible to the damage often caused by moisture during the early stages of a project or by sprinkler actuation. Durasteel is a fit and forget system that requires virtually no maintenance.  

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