Promat Promaseal Wall Collar

  • Insert type collars are placed around the pipe within the thickness of the wall or floor
  • Ideal for use where space is at a premium 
  • Suitable for shafts and anywhere where access is restricted to one side
  • Cast in collars used only in floor slabs and placed in position on the formwork before the slab is poured
  • Tested with ABS, HDPE and uPVC pipes
  • Maximum services 120mm
  • Tested to AS/NZS 1530 Part 4 and AS 4702 Part 1
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Surface mounted collars are fixed around the plastic pipe, onto the surface of a building element. For floor slabs this is on the underside of the slab. For walls, they are generally placed on both sides to protect against fore exposure from either direction. It can be shown that fire can only come from one side, then the fire collar may be placed on the fire risk side of the wall provided that test data is available to prove the application achieves the required fire rating. Promastop Unicollars and Promaseal collars (with the code CFC, FC or FCS) can be used as retrofit collars.
Insert type collars are placed around the pipes, within the thickness of the wall or floor. Generally, only one collar is required to protect from either direction for walls. Promaseal wall collars (with code FCW) can be used as insert wall collars. These collars sit within the cavity of lightweight partitions, ideal for use where space is at a premium. this is particularly useful for work in shafts or any areas where access for installation is restricted to one side. Promastop Unicollars can be used on some types of pipe for these applications. Promaseal fire collars (with the code Hi-Blu, Green or PSS) can be used as cast-in collars. For use with floor waste, there are two special collars; Promaseal cast-in type collar (FWS) and retrofit type collar (FWR)
Cast-in collars are used only in floor slabs and re placed into position, on formwork, before a slab is poured. This method means accurate setting out or all plumbing work is vital.

Download Promat Promaseal Fire Collars Datasheet View file