Promat Vermiculite Spray

  • Spray or trowel applied single package premix, based on vermiculite and gypsum
  • Light weight coating providing efficient fire protection with minimal thickness
  • Suitable for steel and concrete frames, metal roof sand roof decks, return air plenums and air handling ductwork
  • Can provide fire resistance for up to 240 minutes
  • Sets in 15 to 20 hours at 20 degrees C and 50% RH without accelerator 
  • Not eroded air when used in ducting (ASTM E859)
  • Thermal conductivity 0.078W/m.K
  • Does not promote corrosion and does not require primed steel substrate
  • pH of 8.0 - 8.5
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Cafco 300 is a spray or trowel applied, single package factory controlled premix, based on vermiculite and gypsum, for internal use.
Cafco 300 is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to still and concrete frames, metal floors and roof deck, return air plenums and air handling ductwork.

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