Pyrotek Soundlag

  • Reduces the noise in hydraulic and waste pipes by up to 24dB(A)
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • Tested to AS 1530. part 3
  • Suitable for hydraulic and waste pipes in all locations
  • Suitable for air-conditioning ducting and shrouds, compressor and spa motor wraps
  • Excellent acoustic performance
  • Long useful life
  • Can be cut to size easily with a knife
  • Easy to install
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Soundlag is a high-performance composite acoustic lagging product developed to reduce noise from pipes, valves, fan housings and ductwork in commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. The highly dense and flexible mass layer provides excellent sound reduction properties, whilst the decoupling layer breaks the vibration path between substrate and the mass barrier, allowing the vinyl external wrap to remain flexible - optimising performance. The external foil facing offers a fire resistant covering and an excellent surface to join adjacent sheets. Pyrotek® offers varying compositions with barrier weights from 3 kg/m2 to 8 kg/m2 and the decoupling layer with a choice of foam (plain or convoluted), polyester, fibreglass, glass wool or quilted glass wool with thicknesses from 6 mm to 50 mm.

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