• Assures a Quiet Operating System – Excellent acoustical efficiency to absorb fan and equipment noises in ductwork
  • Lower Operating Costs – High thermal efficiency reduces the size of the equipment required for maintaining
  • Uniform Thickness – The factory controlled uniform thickness means the insulation value remains constant. Internal insulation assures a constant thickness of insulation around the duct perimeter
  • No Drumming – The 48 kg/m3 semi-rigid boards add stiffness to the Sheetmetal ductwork, reducing drumming and transmission of noise and ensuring durability of insulation through vibration
  • Fire Safe – Siliner Toughliner, Siliner Black Mat Faced or Ductliner Perforated Foil Faced as manufactured by Tasman Insulation New Zealand will not ignite or spread flame
  • No Maintenance – Because insulation is fitted internally in Sheetmetal ductwork, it is not exposed to damage by other trades
  • Maximum service temperature for all finished products is 60°C. The base board is suitable for use to 120°C.
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The Siliner range of products is based on a 48kg/m3 FBS-1 Glass Wool semi-rigid board, which has various facings factory applied to one face of the board. Board thicknesses vary, but standard thicknesses are 13mm, 25mm and 50mm. Several facings are available that enable the board to resist damage due to handling during installation and the rigours of service. Siliner is used for internal insulation to rectangular sheetmetal ductwork, air conditioning cabinets and plenums to provide excellent acoustic attenuation and thermal insulation eliminating the need for external insulation.

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