Eurocoustic Tonga

  • 100% humidity resistant
  • 11% less artificial light required due to high reflectivity
  • 15 year warranty on full system, ceiling tiles & grids
  • A1 fire reaction for white tile (Euro classification)
  • Thermal insulation of R = 1.14 m2 K/W (40mm tile)
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After 30 years, Tonga is better than ever before with improved acoustics (22mm square edge tile NRC 1, 20mm rebated tile NRC 0.95), and a whiter and brighter tissue facing.
Tonga Euro Colours are faced with coloured decorative glass fibre tissue on the visible face and a neutral glass fibre on the reverse face. 47 colour options are available by special order.
Please note due to NZ seismic conditions the Eurocoustic ceiling grid in the brochure is not available in New Zealand. Please use Armstrong Peakform Grid and Seismic RX accessories with Eurocoustic Tonga ceiling panels.
ISO 5660-1 Group 1S classification (in accordance with NZBC Verification Method C/VM2 Appendix A).

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