Tracklok Bracing Bracket

  • Tested with head track and full wall construction to provide confidence.Provides seismic separation, preserving ceiling warranty.
  • Ensures validity of installers PS3.
  • Tested under ULS and SLS loads to ensure longevity of performance.
  • Unique design allows for 50mm of interstory drift.
  • Top plate pivot points allow for 90mm of in-line wall deflection.
  • Unique design allows for 20mm of wall “spring back” in ULS event.
  • Patented low profile connection bolt allows for glazing clearance.
  • Unit allows a 30° – 60° bracing angle to mitigate service clashes.
  • Unit tested to 45° off wall axis to mitigate service clashes.
  • TRACKLOK® VERT allows vertical bracing to mitigate service clashes.
  • TRACKLOK® RETRO allows for retro active installation using 10 gauge wafer tech screws to affix to head track.
  • Allows for 64mm and 92mm bracing to be used, reducing waste on site.
  • Complies to and provides compliance with AS/NZS 1170 and AS/NZS 4219.
  • Provides compliance with NZ Building Code Clause B1 – Structure, B2 – Durability, F2 – Hazardous Building Materials.
  • Contributes to compliance with NZ Building 
  • Code Clause F6 – Visibility in Escape Routes, Clause D1 – Access Routes.
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Tracklok Ltd have designed and developed a range of pre-engineered, off the shelf connections to seismically and structurally bracing non structural elements in commercial buildings.

The Tracklok range has been designed to secure partition walls in commercial construction projects. The Tracklok seismic partition tie (SPT-10) provides a proprietary unit that complies with building code requirements and ceiling manufacturers' warranties. With extensive testing and peer reviewed results, in conjunction with material testing, users of the Tracklok (SPT-10) can be confident that their internal fit out creations are structurally and seismically secure.

All Tracklok Ltd products have been developed using sound engineering principles and in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code. The performance and capacity of all brackets has been quantified by physical testing, while real world seismic events continue to prove the validity of Tracklok.

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