Studco Stopping Beads

The EZConcept range offers a complete solution for achieving the ultimate ‘clean line’ interior finish for modern buildings, with durable metal sections including the patented EZYJamb door jamb system. Stunningly discrete, the EZConcept range provides a combination of versatile functionality and inconspicuous detail. Designed and manufactured by Studco, the leaders in innovative architectural finishing systems, the EZConcept range is the ideal solution for modern interior finishes.
- Modern styling Achieve an award winning interior finish.
- Fast construction The fastest, most economical way to create that flush-finish look.
- Secure & durable Manufactured from highest quality cold-formed steel sections.
- No fuss painting Our steel meets the finished surfaces standard AS/NZS 2311:2009 to ensure it can be painted immediately.
- Complete system Easy to create a consistent, contemporary theme throughout the build.
- Build green with EZConcept Our commitment to the environment and ISO14001 accreditation means less waste and no chemicaltreatment required.

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  • Description
  • Designed for installation by professional plasterboard contractors 
  • Provide a clean defined edge on either curved or straight plasterboard details
  • Perforated legs provide a strong key for building board finishing compound 
  • Optimum nib profile provides a knock resistant corner
  • Will suit all standard building boards
  • Custom profiles available