Promat Promaseal Bulkhead Batt

  • High density mineral wool that is coated with Promaseal ablative coating
  • Forms a barrier against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases
  • Simple to install in both concrete an masonry walls and floors
  • Tested for up to 120 minutes FRR (Integrity and Insulation) with various penetrations
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Promat Bulkhead Sealer is made using high density mineral wool that tis coated with Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer. The coated mineral wool remains in situ during a fire situation and forms a barrier against the passage of flame, smoke and toxic gases.
The system is the simplest of all fire stopping products to install. It is also one of the most economical products to use. It can installed in both concrete/masonry floors and walls (with an equal or greater fire resistance level) and has been tested up to 120 minutes with various penetrating applications.
In many buildings, power cables (e.g. information technology and telecom services) are continually added, altered and removed. The Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer System enables this process to be carried out with the minimum of mess and inconvenience. Promaseal Bulkhead Sealer Systems are non loadbearing. It is advisable to place a visible warning sign near all barriers to identify its characteristics/ inherent properties. Load bearing systems are also available; please consult Forman.

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