Pyrotek Sorberfoam ALR

  • High performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive backed available
  • Aluminium foil facing improves sound absorption in critical low frequency region
  • Reinforced aluminium foil
  • Flame resistant facing
  • Resistant to duct, oils, solvents and fluids
  • Light reflective
  • Combustion modified foam
  • Low smoke emission
  • Available in pre-cut sizes
  • Joins and edges can be sealed with matching self adhesive aluminium foil tape
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Sorberfoam ALR is a reinforced, aluminium foil faced, acoustic foam with allow flammability and smoke emission. The aluminium facing is more flexible than thicker, non reinforced foils. The thin aluminium foil provides a flame resistant, light and heat reflective facing which protects the foam from the ingress of dust, oil and other contaminants. The reinforcing scrim provides strength and tear resistance to the foil. The acoustic foam layer provides high sound absorption and thermal insulation. This product has excellent performance in the critical mid frequency range. Because of its low smoke emission the material is suitable for use in air conditioning systems and public buildings. The foam is hydrolysis resistant. It is especially suited for us in wet and humid areas. It is particularly suggested for use in marine, industrial and tropical environments.

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